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Nice to meet you, and welcome! I am an entrepreneur and experienced executive. My most recent role was CEO at CoinMarketCap, which was acquired in 2020. My previous artificial intelligence startup (AngelPad S’16) was acquired in 2018. I write here about anything that fancies me, which runs the gamut from startups to leadership, crypto and tea.

P.s. There are many imposters of me out there! If someone reaches out to you claiming to be me, please feel free to contact me here to verify. My social handles are always @carylyne with no dashes, spaces or other special characters or numbers (and check it’s an “L” in there, not a capitalized “i”!)

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Ichi-go Ichi-e: 2020 is a Year I’d Like to Remember

In tea culture, there is an expression: ichi-go ichi-e (Japanese: 一期一会, literally “one time, one meeting”) It reminds each tea ceremony participant that the moments they are about to enjoy are fleeting, and will only happen once — never to occur in exactly the same way again. Even if you were to reassemble the same […]

CoinMarketCap CEO Departs Today

From Carylyne Chan Dear CoinMarketCap community, I am writing to tell you that I am leaving CoinMarketCap today. However, I’m not leaving with a heavy heart, but rather optimism as I focus on other entrepreneurial endeavors. I’d also like to take the opportunity to reminisce about what the CoinMarketCap team has collectively done in the […]

Blockchain Must Drive the Real Economy for it to Thrive

Translation of a speech given by Richard Wang from DraperDragon On a sweltering afternoon in Singapore, I received a ping on WeChat with a link to an insightful speech that had just been delivered. The sender crafted that speech too 😉 and of course the first thing I asked to do was to translate it so I […]

The Chinese “gang” manipulating the market — now in EOS?

A week in the life of the Chinese “Wenzhou Gang”: Going from high profile to hidden Written by Shenlian Caijing, original article here. With the EOS mainnet launch on June 2, I thought I would share another translation of an article that highlights an interesting aspect of the Chinese crypto scene. When I published my last translation piece on the […]

Why the Specter of Blockchain Will be More Important to Humankind than AI

Translation of a speech given by Wang Feng, prominent Chinese blockchain investor, at Peking University I’m back with another translation, this time of a lecture that was given in Chinese at Peking University on May 5, 2018 by Wang Feng, founder of Huoxing24 (a Chinese blockchain news site), LineKong (a Chinese media and entertainment product company) and partner at GeekFounders (a tech investment firm). […]

Confessions of Chinese Crypto Insiders

A liberal translation of 深访币圈:享受过一夜暴富,你再也忘不掉捷径 by 甲子光年(Jazzyear),edited by 甲小姐,采访and written by 火柴Q (Manqi Cheng) (All content credit goes to the writers above; you can give me just a little credit for my flowery and liberal translation 😎) This is part of a new series of translations that I will be working on to help illuminate thoughts and […]

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