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So nice to meet you

Welcome! I am Carylyne, an entrepreneur and experienced startup executive.

I’m currently building a new sun care brand called Clair Obscur. Previously, I was CEO at CoinMarketCap, which was acquired in 2020. My previous artificial intelligence startup (AngelPad S’16) was acquired in 2018.

P.s. There are many imposters of me out there! If someone reaches out to you claiming to be me, please feel free to contact me here to verify. My social handles are always @carylyne with no dashes, spaces or other special characters or numbers (and check it’s an “L” in there, not a capitalized “i”!)

My Work

I've had the fortuity of working with great people at companies that have fundamentally changed the way the world works and the experiences we share.


Here, I've collected the greatest principles and drivers in my life so far. I'd love to hear if you have like-minded or discordant views!


Feel free to reach out about any of these interests or hobbies – I always love hearing from others who are progressing in their passions!

Tea Mastery

I usually designate a tea type for each year, and attempt to drink 80-100 of that tea type in a year. I’ve attended the Australian Tea Masters course.

Escape Rooms/Puzzles

I’ve attempted close to 100 escape rooms around the world, and still find the concept exciting! Yes, I am always happy to try scary rooms, lol.


I practice Transcendental Meditation, although any form of meditation has great benefits. It’s become a welcome daily routine.


I read for about 45-60 minutes a day, and I try to approach topics that widen my perspectives or change my mind. I also try to read Chinese books once in a while.

Latest Thoughts

I write here about anything that fancies me, which runs the gamut from startups to leadership, crypto and tea.

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