Stan the Underdog

Not only should we be the underdogs, we should support other people who are too! I’ve written at length about why we should be the underdogs and adopt that mindset. Similarly, I admire others who live that mindset, and the amazing work that they do as a result.

Pay it forward

As a startup founder with many friends who are also startup founders, I know the pain of starting cold. However, most of the time, the underdog is the one challenging the current conventions. They found a new way to solve a problem, or are solving something you didn’t know you had an issue with. Underdogs around us are constantly rebuilding and reinventing the way we’re experiencing the world. As such, there’s tremendous value in supporting their efforts.

This is why I strongly believe in stanning the underdogs. Instead of coasting along, I think we can give a hand to those who are trying to rebel against the status quo. Where they dare to dream, we dare to esteem! (Lol sorry not sorry.)

Improve discoverability + help others

When we pay it forward and share the success of the underdogs around us, we’re also helping more people discover them. With markets, despite them being largely efficient, there can be an increasingly asymmetrical playing field for smaller startups. With rising acquisition and marketing costs, plus brand premiums, sometimes people aren’t finding the right products that may be perfect for their needs.

If we can all share more of what we like and help others’ out, not only would that be personally satisfying – you may be helping someone around you uncover their next best thing after sliced bread. I love sharing products and experiences with friends personally; and I want to share more of that more online going forward!

Reach out to me

If I can help you in any way, I’d love to! Reach out to me and share what you’re doing. I want to hear all about what you’re doing and your plans to change the world. Whether it’s helping you to think through a question, investing in your dreams, or even redoing your presentation, I’ll be happy to help. I regularly spend time supporting friends (old and new!) with their challenges, and it’s fulfilling to see them succeed. In return, I’m grateful for everyone who’s helped me along the way, and gave me a boost when I was the underdog. (And I’m sure I’ll continue to be one, and to help others who are!)


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