Rebel Against the Status Quo

I have a (sometimes good, sometimes bad) tendency to always favor new methods. If I had to choose between a newfangled thing and an old school one, I almost always choose the former. If it’s between a new approach and an old one, new wins 95% of the time.

Some people dislike me for that, I don’t care. (Play your own game!) I am the antithesis of a tried-and-tested model. And vice versa. It is a tendency that’s very hard to break. Instinctively, I’m always trying to look for a new way to do things. I also place a high premium on new ideas that I’ve never seen before.

I think it makes working with me very hard. Coupled with my other inclination to try new things, I’m always trying to switch things up. For people who like new ideas, we get carried away trying too many new things. For people who like the status quo, see paragraph above.

It can be a terrible weakness when I discard things that are working well (fixing things that aren’t broken?). But I’ve gotten lots of good inspiration as a result? New products, new marketing ideas, new organizational improvements, etc. – I’ve had good traction with changing all sorts of things for what I think is better.

Ultimately, it comes down to not wanting to settle. I think there’s always a new way, a better way. And that it’s always worth rebelling, even if it’s just to see what happens as a result. Can’t we all try to find new (radical or incremental) improvements around us? There are lots of things out there we could change about the world.

Are there exceptions? Hmm, maybe me drinking gongfu tea? But is that really the status quo, when people drink tea out of teabags these days… Alas, is that also rebelling against the status quo today?


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